Our Favorite Post-Kayaking Meals!

A sunny day on the water definitely works up an appetite. We recommend bringing a snack on the water so that you don’t get too “hangry” on an excursion, but sometimes a diet composed entirely of granola bars just doesn’t suffice.

We love to cook and eat! We have organized a few of our favorite post-kayaking meals for you to enjoy. With dishes for the meat and potatoes eater to the veggie fanatic, this list has something for everyone! We have linked some of our favorite recipes from various blogs, but there are definitely other delicious recipes out there!

  1. Fajitas

Who doesn’t love Mexican food? Fajitas are packed with veggies, rice, beans, meat, you name it! Guaranteed to fill you up after a day on the water!



  1. Pizza

Anytime, anywhere. Need we say more?



  1. Jambalaya

We’re bringing the South up North with this tasty rice dish!



  1. Spaghetti

Nothing beats a classic and you can’t go wrong with pasta and sauce!



  1. Burritos

More Mexican food! Because it’s awesome.



  1. Burgers

The National Anthem should go “and the rockets red glare, the burgers grilling everywhere” because this is America and we can’t ever forget about burgers.



  1. Chicken Caesar Wrap

A perfect balance of hearty protein and light veggies!



  1. Pesto Ravioli

For a warm, but refreshing delicacy, enjoy some cheesy ravioli slathered with fresh pesto.



  1. Italian Sub

You will surely be satisfied with a sandwich packed with all the fixin’s!



  1. Chips/Veggies and Dip

Something simple might be all you’re craving and this is a party favorite that everyone can share!


We are frequently asked for food or restaurant recommendations and these are just a few of the best! If you are searching for a local restaurant that serves these dishes, feel free to contact us – we are happy to share some of our favorite spots!


More frequently asked questions can be found on our FAQs page below:



Let us know what you think of our choices, and feel free to give us more recommendations! We are always on the hunt for yummy food!