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Absolutely not! Our well-trained guides will safely guide you on your outing, and safety is always our priority. People of all experience levels can come on an excursion and have a great time.

Dress as if you are going to the beach. You may get wet, so wear comfortable, fast-drying clothing, and feel free to leave a towel in your car for when you return or use it as a cushion in your kayak. We recommend wearing layers so you have options if cool or hot. Other than that, just bring drink (non-alcoholic)/snack, a smile and a positive attitude!

We do our best to go out every day, but if it is pouring rain, thundering/lightning, or too windy to kayak, we will contact you as soon as possible. We will try to rebook you to another day, but if you are not available, we will issue a full refund.

Our entire kayak fleet is extremely stable and tipping the kayak is challenging, but people do tip out every one in awhile. Most capsizes happen due to water fights or good goofing around. There should be no worries as safety is our number one concern!

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