Behind the Scenes: Logo Development

Our team here at Fox River Kayaking Company consists of hard workers, passionate about what we do, and in love with the Fox River Valley community we support. One project we worked on for months in the very beginning was our logo.

The following is a behind the scenes look at how our logo came to be!

Looking back, it was an amazing experience, but let us tell you, there were moments when we thought “ugh, nothing is working, maybe we should upload some clipart and call it a day”. Of course, we did not go this route. Instead, we stepped away from the project, turned on a movie, and forgot about our frustrations until another positive working moment arrived.

From the inception, there were so many opportunities and directions to take that we were hard pressed to decide which angle to develop. Shapes, words, pictures, or colors; the options were endless and that was not good for people whose creativity is always stuck on hyperdrive.

Luckily Chewbacca refocused the Millennium falcon flight trajectory and this is when the elements of graphic design came forward.


We agreed that a sense of simplicity was best! So our approach was with a mind of minimalism.

Our passion is the Fox River, so it only made sense to depict the Fox!

Our approach was rudimentary at first. We reviewed various fox images, watched documentaries on Netflix, checked out books from the library, and searched for different perspectives across the Web. Then we took to pen and paper! We approached the project with a simple geometric approach with different perspectives – jumping, full body, face, etc. We were always making sure the drafts were symmetrical and balanced; for some reason, it wasn’t feeling right.

It should be stated now that the entire design process was done in house. We did reach out to our friend Cody, a professional photographer based in Door County with an amazing knack to exemplify the beauty around him! He supported us in translating the rough draft into a refined digital composite! If you are looking for a friendly, professional photographer for any event or project, Cody @TandemPhotographer should be top on your list! Website –

Continuing to work through many drafts, the design just wasn’t complete! We needed a banner that we could stand behind, that represented our energy and passion! Months passed and still nothing, until one night…

Lots of crumpled paper balls piling up, we took a detoured inspirational drive, referencing other foxes we originally weren’t focused on, scrapping the idea of symmetry, and adding our own flare and BAM!


Your Fox River Kayaking Company Fox appeared!

Its asymmetry and rough design give it an approachable edginess; a timeless and unique style!


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