What are the Different Types of Rainfall?

There are 3 main types of rainfall –

Relief Rainfall

This types of rainfall (also known as orographic) occurs when air has been blown over a large water mass and is then forced up over an area of high land. This causes air to cool and the moisture in the air to condense and rain to fall.

Frontal Rainfall

This type of rainfall occurs when warm air is forced to rise over cold air. The moisture in the warm air condenses as it cools which creates clouds and rain.

Convectional Rainfall

This type of rainfall generally occurs in tropics or warm climates. When air is hot it rises and cools and condenses to create precipitation. When the air is very hot it rises quickly and creates thunderstorms!

To check out the local forecast and plan your next adventure, go to our Weather Page here – https://foxriverkayakingcompany.com/weather/

What are the Different Types of Clouds?

When you are laying in the grass looking up at the clouds daydreaming have you ever wondered what kind of clouds you are actually looking at? Check out the names/descriptions of the different clouds below to find out.

High Clouds (16,500-45,000 feet)

Cirrus – delicate feathery clouds with wispy shapes

Cirrostratus – Thin, white clouds that cover the whole sky like a veil. More commonly seen in the winter

Cirrocumulus – Thin, sometimes patchy, sheet-like clouds.

Mid-level Clouds (6,500-23,000 feet)

Altocumulus – Several patchy white or gray layers and look to have fluffy ripple rows.

Altostratus – Gray or blue-gray that usually cover the entire sky.

Nimbostratus – Thick, dark, gray clouds that seem to fade in falling rain or snow.

Low Clouds (less than 6,500 feet)

Cumulus – Fluffy, white cotton ball clouds

Stratus – Thin, white sheets covering the whole sky.

Cumulonimbus – From far away these clouds will look like huge mountains. They grow larger on warm, wet days as air rises higher in the sky!

Stratocumulus – Patchy gray or white clouds often seen with a dark honeycomb-like appearance.

To check out the local forecast and plan your next adventure, go to our Weather Page here – https://foxriverkayakingcompany.com/weather/

We Love Our Pets!

We love our pets! Sharing the adventure with them makes life’s relaxing moments even sweeter!!

There are amazing routes available throughout Lake Winnebago and the Fox River Valley that one can adventure with their dog on a paddle board or in a kayak.

We love hitting the water with a paddler’s best friend! From our experience, being prepared, being in tune with your dog’s needs, and staying safe is all it takes to create great memories!

3 quick tips for success:

  • Good Training: If your dog enjoys water and will not run/swim off, you are all set to have a fun day on the water!
  • Appropriate Gear: Many people choose to purchase a PFD for their dog – even if your dog can
    swim, it is a good idea as an extra safety measure.
  • Matching Dogs Size with Kayak Space/Weight Capacity: With a small dog, this is not usually an issue, but if your dog is larger, you will need to double check that the kayak will comfortably fit both you and your dog.

Fox River Kayaking Company provides guided adventures and rentals for independent outings throughout the Fox River Valley from the Northern shores of Lake WInnebago and up the Fox River all the way to Green Bay. Dogs and Humans welcome! 😉

There are dogs waiting, not only to adventure with you, but in need of a home! Fox Valley Humane Association may be taking care of your future best friend, and we thank them for inviting us to include their dogs in our photo.

Guest Blog – Paperfest 2019

This week we are excited to give the spot light to Paperfest! On July 18th – 20th we will be supporting the festivities with 2 excursions (Picking up & ending at festival), donating portion of proceeds to community non-profits – ‘Book Now’ button below to join the fun! Enjoy their article to learn more!

Friday Excursion

Book online now!

Saturday Excursion

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Paperfest…it’s all about community!

The 31st annual Paperfest presented by Community First Credit Union will be held July 18-20, 2019 at beautiful Sunset Park in Kimberly, WI. The three day free-admission, community-driven festival features fun for the whole family from live music to carnival rides to family tent and activities. This is just part of the fun Paperfest has to offer!

Thanks to the tremendous support of great partners, Paperfest is able to remain a free-admission festival with live music, hot air balloon glow, 5K run/walk, extreme motorcycle show, family entertainers, Tour de Fest bike ride, kids games, Fox River Kayaking Company – Paperfest Paddle, petting zoo and much, much more.

Originated in 1989 by Dr. James Boots and Dennis Smits, this annual summer event is a community effort. Paperfest is organized by Kim-Com Promotions – a nonprofit organization made up of volunteers from Northeast Wisconsin that enjoy giving their time and expertise back to the community.

Paperfest was named after the booming paper mills that brought life to the Fox River Valley but years after the Kimberly mill has closed, this name is a reminder of the history our community shares. It really is all about community! Paperfest strengthens the community by utilizing the expertise of volunteers and generosity of partners to bring the community together to enjoy wonderful entertainment, food and activities.

Funds from Paperfest are donated directly back into the community. Throughout the 30-year history of Paperfest, nearly $850,000 has gone back to more than 50 nonprofit, civic and service organizations such as fire departments and Boy Scout troops.

Some of the groups utilize these funds to send kids to camp while others buy supplies to do more good for the community. Paperfest helps not only nonprofit organizations in Kimberly but throughout the Fox Cities. It takes many organizations to make an event like this run smoothly and the community benefits! Come out and support local nonprofits and most importantly – have some fun.

Paperfest attract fans from all over Northeast Wisconsin and the Saturday headliner Quiet Riot will sure be a draw. As the sun goes down, the lights go up for some great free live music acts including Kevin Chalfant’s Journey Experience from his days with Journey, Fran Cosmo formerly of Boston, and local acts Driftwood and Mistrial.

Grab some friends and enjoy some free live music or bring the family out for a full day of fun on Saturday. The kids will love the petting zoo, carnival rides, bouncing around in bubble suits playing bubble soccer, inflatables, building a teddy bear with Teddy Bear Mobile, or enjoying the waterfront.

Visit www.paperfest.org for more information and like the Paperfest Facebook page for the most up-to-date information.

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