Fun in the Sun Games – Frog Assassin

In this weekly series we highlight fun, simple games which can be played at your local park, around your campsite firepit, with new friends or family. The games vary from icebreakers, name games, and exercise warm-ups, to puzzles or riddles. Check out our weekly post and get out there and have some fun!

Participants: 6 or more

Equipment: None

Timeframe: 10-15 minutes

Objective: Identify the assassin

One person is secretly chosen as the frog assassin, and one as the detective (by draw of cards, a selector who is not playing, or drawing sticks as examples, but it must be kept a secret). Players sit or stand in a circle, and the detective moves to the middle. This person must figure out who the assassin is in three guesses, more if the group is very large. The frog assassin sticks their tongue out at people like a frog when the detective isn’t looking, and they “die”, and are out. The detective must figure out who the the frogger is, or they remain in the middle for the next round.