Why is the Sky Blue?

Light travels in waves, just like sound or energy in water.

When light shines from the sun, it hits air particles and scatters. Light waves contain every color of the rainbow, and these waves all separate in the atmosphere.

Blue light waves are the shortest and scatter the most easily, so they make the sky look blue. Reflection of the Earth’s surface plays a role in colors that we see, but this does not affect the color of the sky nearly as much as scattering.

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How are Forecasts Predicted?

No wizard and glass ball here folks. There are still a lot of cool equipment and techniques, though!

Meteorologists use several different tools and methods to predict changes in weather patterns. Some examples of this are using years and years of past data combined with live current conditions to anticipate what the future may hold!

There are tools from thermometers, barometers, and anemometers for measuring everything from temperature, air pressure and wind speed. Satellites support analyzing weather patterns and weather balloons are released to learn more about atmospheric characteristics as well!

Always remember, the weather forecast is simply an educated guess! As new tools and more data are compiled we get better at forecasting.

To check out the local forecast and plan your next adventure, go to our Weather Page here – https://foxriverkayakingcompany.com/weather/

Happy Memorial Day Weekend 2019!

Memorial Day is right around the corner, and the long weekend has arrived. Whether you are enjoying a barbeque with family or relaxing on the water, we hope you have a safe & relaxing weekend!

Memorial Day, previously known as Decoration Day, originated following the Civil War and became an official federal holiday in 1971. We take this time to commemorate those who have lost their lives serving this country.

How are Climate and Vegetation Related?

Climate and vegetation work in harmony. They each depend on and affect the other greatly. Plants absorb energy and release water vapor – both of these processes affect weather patterns. Through transpiration, plants play a part in controlling humidity and temperature of the area around them.

Climate also affects vegetation. In areas with consistently warm temperatures and high rainfall, forests are abundant. In areas with low amounts of rainfall, there are fewer trees, and prairies or grasslands are more common.

In areas with large amounts of agriculture or development, climates and weather patterns may be affected by changes to the natural environment. When vegetation is removed from an area, humidity decreases and rainfall may diminish.

As you can see, climate and vegetation are closely intertwined, so we encourage you to take a look around when you visit a new place with a very different climate, and check out the unique plants of that area!

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Long Live Wisconsin Supper Clubs!

A solid pillar of Wisconsin life – the supper club scene is a tradition with unique history and continued presence!

After kayaking during the day, enjoy pictures of your adventure at a Supper Club and share them with friends throughout the evening for a great way to close out the night!

What exactly is a “Supper Club”?

Well, this can be difficult to explain and more fun to experience, but we will try our best here. In short its usually a family-owned/operated restaurant with a ‘come one, come all’ air. Usually only open for supper [although some have evolved to include lunch], they serve up quality food, priced not to break the bank, and crafted to be enjoyed in a homey decorated atmosphere [look for deer mount or packer memorabilia on the walls].

How did this all get started?

The first supper club was established by Wisconsinite native Lawrence Frank when he moved to Beverly Hills, California. Popularity grew during the 1930s-40s as supper clubs became ‘destinations’ for patrons to spend entire evenings relaxing in the casual atmosphere enjoying cocktails, dinner and entertainment. Today most have evolved to be restaurants instead of the all-night entertainment destinations of old.

To see a list of Supper Clubs throughout Wisconsin and plan your next family evening check out this link below!


If you are interested in learning more we recommending the fun documentary ‘Old Fashioned: The Story of the Wisconsin Supper Club”!

Check out the Trailer for a flavor below!

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