Welcoming Waters Open for All

We had a great time putting together our latest official video and wanted to follow-up with a few more details!


First and foremost – a big thank you to our friend Gina Lytle! We are continuously learning and her insight supported our efforts to move forward to serve our community best! We always love the excuse to kayak and hang out together, and we look forward to more good times in the future, Gina!


We are happy to facilitate and guide adventures for our entire community! In our modern times, kayaking is more accessible than ever! With several resources in our local area, we can welcome people of all mobility levels to the water.


Our shuttle bus is accessible for people of all abilities. With a convenient wheelchair lift, we can easily and comfortably accommodate adventurers in wheelchairs! Have a private excursion idea – let us know and we will do our best to make it a reality!


There are many accessible launches and accessible bathroom facilities at launch sites throughout the Fox River Valley. Several years ago with grant money and a vision, these launch sites began being built for our community. People with mobility issues as well as the able bodied now enjoy a very user friendly way to access the waterways. These launches help take the “tricky” factor out of the whole process. Whether a person has the need for it or not, there is now an easy, simple entrance to the water for everyone.



Check out the video ‘Open for All’ below:

YouTube video

See you on the water!