We Love Our Pets!

We love our pets! Sharing the adventure with them makes life’s relaxing moments even sweeter!!

There are amazing routes available throughout Lake Winnebago and the Fox River Valley that one can adventure with their dog on a paddle board or in a kayak.

We love hitting the water with a paddler’s best friend! From our experience, being prepared, being in tune with your dog’s needs, and staying safe is all it takes to create great memories!

3 quick tips for success:

  • Good Training: If your dog enjoys water and will not run/swim off, you are all set to have a fun day on the water!
  • Appropriate Gear: Many people choose to purchase a PFD for their dog – even if your dog can
    swim, it is a good idea as an extra safety measure.
  • Matching Dogs Size with Kayak Space/Weight Capacity: With a small dog, this is not usually an issue, but if your dog is larger, you will need to double check that the kayak will comfortably fit both you and your dog.

Fox River Kayaking Company provides guided adventures and rentals for independent outings throughout the Fox River Valley from the Northern shores of Lake WInnebago and up the Fox River all the way to Green Bay. Dogs and Humans welcome! 😉

There are dogs waiting, not only to adventure with you, but in need of a home! Fox Valley Humane Association may be taking care of your future best friend, and we thank them for inviting us to include their dogs in our photo.