What are the Different Types of Clouds?

When you are laying in the grass looking up at the clouds daydreaming have you ever wondered what kind of clouds you are actually looking at? Check out the names/descriptions of the different clouds below to find out.

High Clouds (16,500-45,000 feet)

Cirrus – delicate feathery clouds with wispy shapes

Cirrostratus – Thin, white clouds that cover the whole sky like a veil. More commonly seen in the winter

Cirrocumulus – Thin, sometimes patchy, sheet-like clouds.

Mid-level Clouds (6,500-23,000 feet)

Altocumulus – Several patchy white or gray layers and look to have fluffy ripple rows.

Altostratus – Gray or blue-gray that usually cover the entire sky.

Nimbostratus – Thick, dark, gray clouds that seem to fade in falling rain or snow.

Low Clouds (less than 6,500 feet)

Cumulus – Fluffy, white cotton ball clouds

Stratus – Thin, white sheets covering the whole sky.

Cumulonimbus – From far away these clouds will look like huge mountains. They grow larger on warm, wet days as air rises higher in the sky!

Stratocumulus – Patchy gray or white clouds often seen with a dark honeycomb-like appearance.

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