Why do Leaves change Color?

As cooler weather and shorter days set in, nature puts on a spectacular show in the form of fall colors. Seeing the leaves change from bright emerald hues to gold, amber, and burgundy is a lovely time of year for paddling and outdoor activities. The science behind why this occurs is amazing!

In the spring and summer, leaves go through photosynthesis to create energy. The cells in which photosynthesis occur contain chlorophyll, the pigmented chemical that gives leaves their green tint. As the days shorten and the temperatures cool down, leaves stop going through photosynthesis and chlorophyll breaks down. This allows underlying yellow and orange hues to show through – these tints come from chemicals like carotene and xanthophyll. The exact shade of yellow, orange, red, or brown that a tree will turn is based on specific balances of chlorophyll and these other chemicals.

Fall colors vary every year based on exact weather patterns, such as precipitation and temperature. Enjoy the colors and spending time in sandals while the weather still allows for it!

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