Book Report: Wisconsin Lore

Book Title and Author: Wisconsin Lore by Robert E. Gard & L. G. Sorden

Main Idea of Story: A collection of Wisconsin folklore.

Main Characters in the Book: With the wide range of stories being shared the characters are abundant. Famous characters include Paul Bunyan, the greatest lumberjack, Whiskey Jack, a renown raftsman, and the infamous “Fighting Finches”, masterful horse-stealers.

Something Unique and Interesting about the Story/Book for readers to know: This book is a compilation of many stories. Stories of Wisconsin pioneers, Native American Indians, farmers and communities as a whole. These various stories paint a culturally rich and historically abundant picture of Wisconsin!

Favorite Part of the Story/Book and Why: There are two main parts we would like to highlight.

  1. The stories of the Raftsmen. Starting around page 95 to chapter 4. These stories provide insight into the past lives on the water.
  2. Chapter 8 is all about good ol buried treasure. Do we need to say more!? Who doesn’t like buried treasure!??

Was This book entertaining, educational, amusing, etc?: This book is educational and entertaining! At times a bit dense reading, but worth the dig in to learn more about who we are as a Wisconsin Community!

Would you recommend this Book?: With the varying stories this is a great book for the coffee table or 3 season room to pick up and enjoy in small breaks. We recommend reading a few stories, setting it down and continuing the adventure in casual increments.

“…a real peak into vanishing 19th Century America, and into real folk temper and folk wit. A treasury of Americana.”

-The Kirkus Reviews

“Fun and interesting to read, especallly if you live in Wisconsin. Topics range from circus lore and lumberjack stories to tall tales and buried treasure stories.”

-Matt (GoodReads)