Book Report: Be Expert With Map & Compass

Book Title and Author: Be Expert With Map & Compass by Bjorn Hjellstrom

Main Idea of Story: Everything you need to know to successfully navigate with a map and compass.

Main Characters in the Book: This is an informational handbook guiding you through the art of orienteering.

Something Unique and Interesting about the Story/Book for readers to know: Do not feel intimidated about picking this book up even if you never really used a map or compass. This book walks you through step by step.

Favorite Part of the Story/Book and Why: Page 99 has some good recommendation for finding your choice fishing spot and relocating it for the next time. Page 198 details how to set up and operate a orienteering event!

Was This book entertaining, educational, amusing, etc?: A complete educational guide!

Would you recommend this Book?: Every adventurer should read or have a copy of this book for review!

“Required reading for the beginner in map and compass work, as well as for those interested in serious Orienteering. In simple, clear, concise terms the basics of map and compass work are described and illustrated.”

-George T. Hamilton, Appalachia