5 Kayaking Safety Tips

As kayaking season starts to warm up we would like to highlight general safety points!

Check Your Gear!

It has probably been a while since you have checked your gear. We recommend doing a more thorough look at your water gear before heading out for the first time this season!

Understand Current Conditions!

Be mindful of water levels and flow. In Spring the rain and snow melt increase water levels and flow rates across Wisconsin which impacts lake and river conditions. The Fox River tends to flood, and so, flow faster around this time of year, and certain sections are a bit more swift. We recommend scoping out the area you will be paddling a day or two before your trip just so you are aware of any hazards.

Sunscreen, Shades, and more!

Time to stock up on sunscreen! Just because it’s cloudy doesn’t mean you can’t get burned, and although some sun exposure is healthy, it’s a good idea to cover up while spending a long time on the water. Shades, sunscreen, buff, ect.

Stay Cool by being Smart!

ALWAYS wear your Personal Floatation Device! Even if you are familiar with the routes you are paddling, conditions can change, or you can get thrown off guard. Your PFD or life vest will not only give you peace of mind, but it may save you too!

Share your Plans!

Before you head out, share your plans with a friend. It’s always safe practice to let someone who isn’t joining you know where you will be and when you will be returning just in case anything happens!

Be Smart, Be Safe, and Have Fun! Look Out for each other while Adventuring!