Wisconsin Parks Near Me – Arrowhead

Here in Northeastern Wisconsin we live amongst an abundance of beauty! With this weekly series “Wisconsin Parks Near Me” we take the opportunity to highlight our community parks we share. We have so many parks we narrowed our focused to a selection along the waterways we paddle (and we still can’t feature them all!). So check out this week’s park details featured below – pack your gear, fill up the picnic basket, don’t forget your hammock or fishing pole.

Address: 355 Millview Dr., Neenah, WI

Size: 30 Acres

Description: Many plans are in place for Arrowhead park to become a major trailhead for the Loop the Little Lake system after being created by a local paper company in 1951 out of byproduct of the industry. Today, the trail runs along the park’s 2400 feet of shoreline to meet up with the Loop the Little Lake trail. Eventually, the park will have many features including a sledding hill, more boardwalk, and tons of water access with multiple piers.

Links: https://www.ci.neenah.wi.us/departments/parks-recreation/arrowhead-park/