What is a Meteorologist? What is Meteorology?

To start off our weather article series we thought it would be best to begin with asking what is the scientific study and who are these weather men & women forecasting chances of rain or sunny days to come anyways?

Meteorology is “the branch of science concerned with the processes and phenomena of the atmosphere, especially as a means of forecasting the weather.” This study includes earth’s atmosphere, temperature, air pressure, water vapor and the interactions of the many variables which produce our weather.

No surprises here, a Meteorologist is “an expert in or student of meteorology; a weather forecaster.”

Interesting fact – One of the founding leaders of modern weather forecasting is a Wisconsinite! Verner E. Suomi was a professor in the Department of Meteorology and the founding director of the Space Science and Engineering Center at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

He is known as the “father of satellite meteorology” and is honored to this day with the Verner E. Suomi Technology Medal which is granted to individuals in recognition of highly significant technological achievement in the atmospheric or related oceanic and hydrologic sciences.

“On January 24, 2012, NASA renamed a recently launched NPP Earth monitoring satellite after Dr. Suomi. On that occasion, John Grunsfeld, associate administrator of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, said that “Verner Suomi’s many scientific and engineering contributions were fundamental to our current ability to learn about Earth’s weather and climate from space”.

If meteorology is a topic that interests you, check back weekly for a new blog post about various weather and climate related topics!

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