Welcome to Our Blog!

Hello, and welcome to the Fox River Kayaking Company Blog!

You are invited to stay awhile, get lost in the adventurous reads, and enjoy the relaxing space we have designed to not only inform, but also entertain!

Everyone is busy with the day-to-day happenings. [There always seems to be a load of laundry to do]. Good old errands aside though, we aim to make this space fun and light hearted to provide a breath for everyone looking for a positive 5 minute break!

Our team writes with different styles and perspectives, but we pen our voice under one name – Fox River Kayaking Company! We also are open to guest articles – please feel free to contact us about getting a featured spot!

Themes and topics you can expect to see in the future will range from environmental, behind the scenes work, historical, paddle/water trends, and more!

So, no need to RSVP for this invitation, just show up for the read! Feel free to invite your friends as well – everyone is invited!