Waterfalls of Wisconsin

Wisconsin is absolutely beautiful! It has so much to offer and one of the many fun activities to do is road trip to one of the many waterfalls our state has to offer!

When one thinks about Wisconsin, waterfalls might not be the first image that pops to mind, but maybe it should be! With over 100 waterfalls to brag about within its borders this natural playground is waiting to be explored!

We won’t highlight all the waterfalls, but we would like to recommend the ones near the Fox River area!

Note – in general these waterfalls are best viewed in Spring time as the snow melt and rain make for a tremendous flow of water down the falls.

Fonferek Falls, Bower Creek

15 minutes drive from the De Pere area. See the water flowing off this limestone cliff!

Baird Creek Parkway, Baird Creek

10 minute drive from downtown Green Bay area. This is not a huge waterfall, but small ledges and rapids can be viewed from the hiking trails along the water.

Wequiock Falls, Wequiock Creek

15 minute drive from Green Bay. This is a beautiful 25 foot waterfall! View from the bridge above or venture to the rocks below to take it all in!

Devils River Falls, Devil River

50 minute drive from Appleton. Walk up to the stream from the nearby campground. View the multiple ledges and riverbank boulders. The falls drop at the remains of an old dam that was taken out.

Good Luck Adventuring and Happy Trails!