Long Live Wisconsin Supper Clubs!

A solid pillar of Wisconsin life – the supper club scene is a tradition with unique history and continued presence!

After kayaking during the day, enjoy pictures of your adventure at a Supper Club and share them with friends throughout the evening for a great way to close out the night!

What exactly is a “Supper Club”?

Well, this can be difficult to explain and more fun to experience, but we will try our best here. In short its usually a family-owned/operated restaurant with a ‘come one, come all’ air. Usually only open for supper [although some have evolved to include lunch], they serve up quality food, priced not to break the bank, and crafted to be enjoyed in a homey decorated atmosphere [look for deer mount or packer memorabilia on the walls].

How did this all get started?

The first supper club was established by Wisconsinite native Lawrence Frank when he moved to Beverly Hills, California. Popularity grew during the 1930s-40s as supper clubs became ‘destinations’ for patrons to spend entire evenings relaxing in the casual atmosphere enjoying cocktails, dinner and entertainment. Today most have evolved to be restaurants instead of the all-night entertainment destinations of old.


To see a list of Supper Clubs throughout Wisconsin and plan your next family evening check out this link below!


If you are interested in learning more we recommending the fun documentary ‘Old Fashioned: The Story of the Wisconsin Supper Club”!

Check out the Trailer for a flavor below!