Fun in the Sun Games – Steal the Treasure

In this weekly series we highlight fun, simple games which can be played at your local park, around your campsite firepit, with new friends or family. The games vary from icebreakers, name games, and exercise warm-ups, to puzzles or riddles. Check out our weekly post and get out there and have some fun!

Participants: 4 or more

Equipment: Small carriable object, like a water bottle or bandana

Timeframe: 5-15 minutes per game

Objective: Get the object across the finish line This game is played in a large space. One person is chosen in the field, while everyone else lines up at one end. The field person will turn around, and the participants will move forward, secretly passing the small object to another participant until the field person turns around, and all stop with hands behind their back. The field person must choose who they think is holding the object. If they are correct, that person switches to the field, and everyone starts back at the beginning. If they are wrong, they turn back around and the group gets to keep moving forward. The game continues until the object makes it across the finish line.