Fun in the Sun Games – Cows in a Field

In this weekly series we highlight fun, simple games which can be played at your local park, around your campsite firepit, with new friends or family. The games vary from icebreakers, name games, and exercise warm-ups, to puzzles or riddles. Check out our weekly post and get out there and have some fun!

Participants: 2 or more

Equipment: None

Timeframe: 5 minutes

Objective: To figure out the riddle

Riddle: There are 30 cows in a field, and 20 ate chickens. How many didn’t? Riddle Answer: When you say this riddle out loud, people automatically assume you are saying, “Twenty-eight chickens,” not “Twenty ate chickens.” Repeat the riddle as requested. When participants ask, “How many didn’t what?” simply say, “Just how many didn’t?” If anyone guesses a number they should provide the reasoning. The correct answer is 10.