Fun in the Sun Games – Cosmic Number

In this weekly series we highlight fun, simple games which can be played at your local park, around your campsite firepit, with new friends or family. The games vary from icebreakers, name games, and exercise warm-ups, to puzzles or riddles. Check out our weekly post and get out there and have some fun!

Participants: 2 or more

Equipment: None

Timeframe: 5-10 minutes

Objective: Figure out why four is the cosmic number

The leader says “There is a cosmic number, and the number is four. Can you figure out why?” Others then give the leader numbers to start with. The number itself equals the amount of letters in the word, which will always go back to four. Example: Someone says 15. The leader will say “15 is 7, 7 is 5, 5 is 4, and 4 is the cosmic number.” 15 has seven letters, 7 has five letters, and so on. So the answer to the riddle: four is the cosmic number because the value equals its number of letters.