Fun in the Sun Games – Alphabet Picnic

In this weekly series we highlight fun, simple games which can be played at your local park, around your campsite firepit, with new friends or family. The games vary from icebreakers, name games, and exercise warm-ups, to puzzles or riddles. Check out our weekly post and get out there and have some fun!

Participants: 2 or more

Equipment: None

Timeframe: 10-15 minutes

Objective: To be the last one in To begin, one person starts by saying “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing…” and say something that starts with A, like “apples”. The next person must remember the previous foods, but then add for B, and so on down the line. To make it a name game, instead choose foods that start with the first letter of the name and have participants repeat the name of the individual AND the food. If you cannot remember, you’re out! Variations on the game are endless if you choose new themes besides picnic, such as zoo, party, or other themes.