Book Report: Water is Water

Book Title and Author: Water is Water by Miranda Paul

Main idea of story: It’s a creative children’s book about the water cycle

Main characters in the book:Follow the great illustrations of two children on their day-to-day adventures. The book follows the flow of water through its continuous cycle.

Something unique and interesting about the story/book for readers to know: What is so unique about this book is the eloquent simplicity the water cycle is written in. However, at the end of the book the author wrote more scientific details of each cycle which a parent could pause, and turn back to while reading, to further explain and educate!

Favorite part of the story/book and why: The page with “dragons in a wagon” and “crow kneading dough” is a beautifully illustrated page of imagination describing clouds as kids play by the water.

Was this book entertaining, educational, amusing, etc?: This book is delightfully entertaining and fun! One can fall asleep unknowingly dreaming about the amazing cycle water goes through everyday!

Would you recommend this book?: We would recommend this book to parents to read to their children as a soothing bedtime story. Sweet dreams!!


“A first-rate introduction to the water cycle for young readers.

School Library Journal

“An engaging and lyrical look at the water cycle.”

Kirkus Reviews

From rain to fog to snow to mist, talented author Miranda Paul and the always remarkable Jason Chin (Redwoods, Coral Reefs, Island, Gravity) combine to create a beautiful and informative journey in this innovative nonfiction picture book that will leave you thirsty for more.