Book Report: On the Water

Book Title and Author: On the Water by Nathaniel Stone

Main Idea of Story: Nate Stone takes on an adventure rowing the U.S. “Eastern Island” navigating from the Atlantic through the Great Lakes, flowing the Mississippi and beyond the Gulf Shorelines!

Main Characters in the Book: Nathaniel Stone is the author of his own adventure he invites you to join him on!

Something Unique and Interesting about the Story/Book for readers to know: Adventuring on the ‘Great Loop’ is an undertaking not to be taken lightly. Just google ‘great loop’ and you will learn very quickly what this journey takes.

One interesting fact is the 8 mile portage from Lake Erie and Chautauqua Lake. Americans used this same route for centuries. Many of the first European explorers searched for a route connecting the Great Lakes and the Ohio River. First established by the French, this trail remained for over 100 years and today is known as the Old French Trail or more commonly the Portage Trail.

Favorite Part of the Story/Book and Why: Nat befriending the people living along the waterways. His observant descriptions paint a beautiful picture of different cultures, lifestyles and histories of people living along his water route.

Was This book entertaining, educational, amusing, etc?: This is not a practical book to read if you want to gain insight into taking on this voyage yourself! Yes, this is educational in general but it is more insightful and entertaining to see Nate take on a challenge with minimal preparedness but an open mind and the drive to succeed.

Example Route of Great Loop

Would you recommend this Book?: This is a great book to get cozy with and adventure without leaving your reading nook! A true example of freedom and adventure! Great window to America.

“On the Water is a rare and wonderful book. There is no pose or authorial cleverness about Nathaniel Stone. His clear, luminous prose, his eye for what happens both on and off the water, and his humility make him the finest chronicler afloat in America since Huck Finn.”

Peter Nichols, Author of A Voyage for Madmen

“Nathaniel Stone’s On the Water is an extraordinary story about the beauty of this magical planet, and how nature is, without question, the best teacher.”

Jim Whittaker, Author of A Life on the Edge: Memoirs of Everest and Beyond