Happy Birthday U.S.A! Here’s to Freedom!!

Summer is officially in full swing and the long 4th of July weekend is here! Let the baseball games, grilling, and kayaking festivities commence!

Before we get into full party mode, let’s remember what we are celebrating!


On July 4th, 1776, the Second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia, united under a common idea of freedom. A fragile notion unlike any prior governments, our representatives and founding fathers came to a unified agreement and Declared our Independence! Since then, we have been celebrating July 4th as our nation’s birthday!

Hopefully our Lady Liberty won’t mind if we do some math on her age? 2017 – 1776 = 241 years! We are turning 241 this year, and although that seems old, we are a very young country.


We are excited to enjoy the long 4th of July with you! We have our George Washington eating a hot dog t-shirt, red/white/blue sunglasses, fireworks and we are waving our American flags proudly!

Want to hang out with us? Come see us at CommunityFest cruising in our shuttle across the island. At our first parade on Memorial Day, we were excited to join but didn’t have any flags to displayed at that time. The organizers weren’t too happy about this, but we redeemed ourselves on Flag Day, and we are even more ready for the 4th of July! 🙂


Heads-Up: If you still want to join our 4th of July Fireworks Paddle you still can if you have your own gear! Although our fleet is completely booked, if you have your own gear, you simply need to call us to arrange your booking to join! The floating view from the park shore line will truly be something special!



Finally — and we can’t say it enough — PLEASE BE SAFE THIS WEEKEND! Whether on water or land, look out for each other, slow down, and be smart! We are all trying to have a good time, but the smiles don’t spread when someone gets hurt!

Happy Birthday Lady Liberty – like a fine wine, you only get better with age!

Welcoming Waters Open for All

We had a great time putting together our latest official video and wanted to follow-up with a few more details!


First and foremost – a big thank you to our friend Gina Lytle! We are continuously learning and her insight supported our efforts to move forward to serve our community best! We always love the excuse to kayak and hang out together, and we look forward to more good times in the future, Gina!


We are happy to facilitate and guide adventures for our entire community! In our modern times, kayaking is more accessible than ever! With several resources in our local area, we can welcome people of all mobility levels to the water.


Our shuttle bus is accessible for people of all abilities. With a convenient wheelchair lift, we can easily and comfortably accommodate adventurers in wheelchairs! Have a private excursion idea – let us know and we will do our best to make it a reality!

There are many accessible launches and accessible bathroom facilities at launch sites throughout the Fox River Valley. Several years ago with grant money and a vision, these launch sites began being built for our community. People with mobility issues as well as the able bodied now enjoy a very user friendly way to access the waterways. These launches help take the “tricky” factor out of the whole process. Whether a person has the need for it or not, there is now an easy, simple entrance to the water for everyone.


Check out the video ‘Open for All’ below:

See you on the water!

Our Favorite Post-Kayaking Meals!

A sunny day on the water definitely works up an appetite. We recommend bringing a snack on the water so that you don’t get too “hangry” on an excursion, but sometimes a diet composed entirely of granola bars just doesn’t suffice.

We love to cook and eat! We have organized a few of our favorite post-kayaking meals for you to enjoy. With dishes for the meat and potatoes eater to the veggie fanatic, this list has something for everyone! We have linked some of our favorite recipes from various blogs, but there are definitely other delicious recipes out there!

  1. Fajitas

Who doesn’t love Mexican food? Fajitas are packed with veggies, rice, beans, meat, you name it! Guaranteed to fill you up after a day on the water!



  1. Pizza

Anytime, anywhere. Need we say more?



  1. Jambalaya

We’re bringing the South up North with this tasty rice dish!



  1. Spaghetti

Nothing beats a classic and you can’t go wrong with pasta and sauce!



  1. Burritos

More Mexican food! Because it’s awesome.



  1. Burgers

The National Anthem should go “and the rockets red glare, the burgers grilling everywhere” because this is America and we can’t ever forget about burgers.



  1. Chicken Caesar Wrap

A perfect balance of hearty protein and light veggies!



  1. Pesto Ravioli

For a warm, but refreshing delicacy, enjoy some cheesy ravioli slathered with fresh pesto.



  1. Italian Sub

You will surely be satisfied with a sandwich packed with all the fixin’s!



  1. Chips/Veggies and Dip

Something simple might be all you’re craving and this is a party favorite that everyone can share!


We are frequently asked for food or restaurant recommendations and these are just a few of the best! If you are searching for a local restaurant that serves these dishes, feel free to contact us – we are happy to share some of our favorite spots!


More frequently asked questions can be found on our FAQs page below:



Let us know what you think of our choices, and feel free to give us more recommendations! We are always on the hunt for yummy food!


Behind the Scenes: Logo Development

Our team here at Fox River Kayaking Company consists of hard workers, passionate about what we do, and in love with the Fox River Valley community we support. One project we worked on for months in the very beginning was our logo.

The following is a behind the scenes look at how our logo came to be!

Looking back, it was an amazing experience, but let us tell you, there were moments when we thought “ugh, nothing is working, maybe we should upload some clipart and call it a day”. Of course, we did not go this route. Instead, we stepped away from the project, turned on a movie, and forgot about our frustrations until another positive working moment arrived.

From the inception, there were so many opportunities and directions to take that we were hard pressed to decide which angle to develop. Shapes, words, pictures, or colors; the options were endless and that was not good for people whose creativity is always stuck on hyperdrive.

Luckily Chewbacca refocused the Millennium falcon flight trajectory and this is when the elements of graphic design came forward.

We agreed that a sense of simplicity was best! So our approach was with a mind of minimalism.

Our passion is the Fox River, so it only made sense to depict the Fox!

Our approach was rudimentary at first. We reviewed various fox images, watched documentaries on Netflix, checked out books from the library, and searched for different perspectives across the Web. Then we took to pen and paper! We approached the project with a simple geometric approach with different perspectives – jumping, full body, face, etc. We were always making sure the drafts were symmetrical and balanced; for some reason, it wasn’t feeling right.

It should be stated now that the entire design process was done in house. We did reach out to our friend Cody, a professional photographer based in Door County with an amazing knack to exemplify the beauty around him! He supported us in translating the rough draft into a refined digital composite! If you are looking for a friendly, professional photographer for any event or project, Cody @TandemPhotographer should be top on your list! Website – http://www.tandemphotographyofdoorcounty.com/

Continuing to work through many drafts, the design just wasn’t complete! We needed a banner that we could stand behind, that represented our energy and passion! Months passed and still nothing, until one night…

Lots of crumpled paper balls piling up, we took a detoured inspirational drive, referencing other foxes we originally weren’t focused on, scrapping the idea of symmetry, and adding our own flare and BAM!

Your Fox River Kayaking Company Fox appeared!

Its asymmetry and rough design give it an approachable edginess; a timeless and unique style!


Interested in learning more about Fox River Kayaking Company? Check out our About Page!


Interested in buying a T-shirt? Check out our Gear Page and stop in our shop to pick one up for yourself and another one for a surprise present!


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

We are keeping this week’s blog short and sweet – we are too excited about the long weekend to spend it all writing! 🙂

We have spent the week scoping out the waterways! If you are going to be on the water this weekend, here are a few fun things you can expect to see throughout the Fox River Valley:



Just a friendly reminder to travel safe out there this weekend. Whether you are driving on land or paddling on water, let’s look out for each other and be safe! We love firing up the grill and cracking open a cold one, but we always do this AFTER our kayaking excursions. Enjoy the fun party, but be responsible!

Memorial Day originated after the Civil War, and ever since then we have been honoring the men and women who sacrificed their lives while serving in the U.S. military. It was formally recognized as a national holiday in 1971.