A Magical Wonder: Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini (1874 -1926) stands in chains at the edge of a pier ready to dive into the water.

A magical wonder, great escape, and beautifully entertaining; although this describes the Fox River very accurately, today we are talking about our local legend – Harry Houdini!
A world famous escape artist, Harry Houdini inspired wonder and imagination in a time before TVs, cell phones, and modern cynicism.


Although born in Eastern Europe in 1874, he later proclaimed that his true home was always in the Fox River Valley! Originally documented as an immigrant from Hungary, his passport would later state his birth place as Appleton, Wisconsin.

Houdini in MilkCan

Harry Houdini lived only a short walk away from the Fox River and today everyone knows his old home as the Houdini Plaza! His family roots are in Appleton, but he built his legend across the world in various cities performing daring escapes in the sky, on the stage, and even in the water!
Today we can learn more about Harry Houdini by visiting local museums, reading biographies or simply exploring his old stomping grounds in the Fox River Valley!