3 Tips for Kayaking with your Dog!


1. Training
All dogs have their own personalities – understanding this and preparing them for a kayak outing is best for success! Otherwise you might be caught trying to simply keep the dog in the kayak or easing their mind from the panic of water all around them the whole time. Getting acclimated with the vessel, gear, and commands in the kayak will serve up awesome relaxing times on the water. Slow, incremental training is recommended instead of jumping right into the deep end.


2. Dog to kayak Size
There are big dogs, little dogs and every kind of dog in the middle. Make sure the weight and size of the dog is appropriate with the kayak so you won’t capsize. Checking weight capacity of the kayak is a helpful guide. Bigger dogs going in a double kayak should be positioned in the front. Smaller dogs may be comfortable sitting in between or around your legs. In general, dogs are happier in a sit-on-top kayak as it provides more free space to move around.

3. Gear and Accessories
Some helpful items to remember:
– PFD [Personal Floatation Device]
– Collar/Harness
– Water
– Food/treats
– Bowl

Hitting the water with a paddler’s best friend is great! Simply be prepared, be in tune with your dog’s needs, and stay safe! Paddle with Us!